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>> Monday, July 2, 2012

I recently finished reading through the whole Bible using Uncle Randall's Group Josiah study, and I'd like to start over now. I'll be using the Bible reading plan from the back of my Bible. Hopefully I'll have something to write about nearly every day, but we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, although this blogspot address has been good to me over the years, I've gotten really used to the Tumblr interface, so I decided to move my blog to a different web location.

You can follow me at
I will be connecting this blog to my facebook and twitter accounts (if I can figure it out), so you can be updated when I post.

Prayer Request:
Pray that I will be persistent about my time with God, even when I'm feeling nothing (Especially then: encountering God is much more than an emotional experience. Sometimes I forget.).


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